Tower of Power
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Date Venue Location
Jan 19 New York, NY
Jan 20 New York, NY

Upcoming Dates

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Date Venue Location
Jan 17 Grand Rapids, MI
Jan 18 Warrendale, PA
Jan 19 New York, NY
Jan 20 New York, NY
Jan 31 Solana Beach, CA
Feb 02 South Lake Tahoe, NV
Feb 03 South Lake Tahoe, NV
Feb 17 Nashville, TN
Feb 18 Nashville, TN
Feb 21 Rocky Mount, VA
Feb 28 Melbourne, FL
Mar 02 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Mar 09 Las Vegas, NV
Mar 10 Las Vegas, NV
Mar 11 Las Vegas, NV
Mar 21 Brampton, Canada
Mar 25 St. Catharines, Canada
Apr 03 Spokane, WA
Apr 21 Fully, Switzerland
Apr 22 Pratteln, Switzerland
Apr 28 Karlsruhe, Germany
Apr 30 Mainz, Germany
May 01 Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 04 Groningen, Netherlands
Jun 22 Alexandria, VA
Jun 23 Alexandria, VA
Jun 24 Annapolis, MD
Jun 25 Annapolis, MD

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